Joey Poulshock (Dr. Shock)

Welcome to, the blog of  Joey Poulshock (aka Dr. Shock), professor, author, photographer, singer-songwriter, and Editor of

With over 20 years experience in language education, Joey is a Professor (of English Linguistics) in the School of International Communication, Department of Intercultural Communication at Senshu University. He also has taught linguistics and language teaching methods in the Teacher Education Program Meiji Gakuin University.

Joey has taught popular courses such as “Total English” and “Language and Culture Learning through Music” at numerous esteemed institutions, including Tokyo Christian University, Kanda University of International Studies, Rikkyo University, Aoyama Gakuin University, and Keio University, (Japan’s oldest and most prestigious private university.)

With over 80 refereed articles, chapters, and conference presentations, Joey has produced a creative and readable body of research that supports some of the most promising and current aspects of language education, including language learning with music and song, high-frequency vocabulary acquisition, and extensive reading.

He has also produced significant theoretical research while completing his PhD in the University of Edinburgh’s Department of Linguistics and English Language, (ranked among the top five in the world), where his thesis was entitled: “Language and Morality: Evolution, Altruism, and Linguistic Moral Mechanisms.”

With co-founder Sang Valte (Design-Gate), Joey established, the leading website for extensive reading (ER), where today he serves as Editor. ER is a best practice in language education, and ReadOasis provides an oasis of stories for language learners.

When Joey is not teaching, researching, reading, writing, or editing, he is composing or performing songs on his guitar or ukulele. Click here for music!